Friday, April 29, 2011

The Problem with 3 year olds

The problem with 3 year olds is that they may very well be smarter than their parents. As a parent it seems to be our job to squash that intelligence into submission. We must prove to these toddlers that we are in fact their superior!

Katy is 3. She is very opinionated and stubborn. I have no clue from where or whom those personality traits came. She believes that I need to provide explanation for everything I say and "because I said so" is not an acceptable explanation for anything.

On any typical day she will ask for some candy. I usually will say no. She will then ask why. I tell her because either a) she has not had breakfast, b) she has not brushed her teeth, or c) she already has had some type of junk for the day. Her response to the no is what you mean mommy is that if I a) eat breakfast or b) brush my teeth I can then have candy? Or she will say well mom, I know I had a snack but the snack was not candy it was fruit snacks and this time I want candy. Fruit snack and candy are not the same.

Really kid, you think I don't know that they are not the same. And no you can't have it after you brush your teeth. All you can have is a NAP!

Note to new parents: when all else fails- send the kid to nap. Hopefully they will have forgotten everything by the time they wake up. Hopefully...

I know this is normal for a child her age but gee whiz.

If you have any advice, feel free to help a sista out!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Conversation at church

Does Jesus  Love Everybody?


Mommy, even strangers?

Yep, Jesus has no strangers.

Really Mommy? Then what about Kidnappers. Does Jesus love them too?

(Stumbling over my words while trying to come up with an answer): Well, yes he does. But He wants to try to tell them not to kidnap anymore.

 Luckily, the Husband was there to save me. He interrupted to tell us we were too loud in church.

Maybe this is why I could never talk in church as a child.
How does she come up with stuff anyways?
Anybody else have kids who ask the most difficult questions in the world? .

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I took my living room back!

My living room has been held hostage for the past 3.5 years. I am pleased to announce that  it is officially been released. That's right folks, I have stepped on my last lego (hopefully).

I have taken back my living room!

See, my daughter has used my living room as her lair since forever. Because she is the only (choose one: child, niece, grand child, granddaughter, etc), she has accumulated tons of stuff. And because she is a brat and I have no rules, the stuff resided in my living room... until now!

Slowly, I have begun to redecorate my living room. The final touch has just been completed a month ago or so. I purchased an ottoman coffee table with 4 little ottoman stools.

These things are the best thing ever invented in life. PERIOD.

All of her stuff that she uses daily is stored in the table. My living room looks like an adult lives in this home.

I am happy. 

Victory at last! Go Team Momma!

If you would like to be a part of my victorious team, check out articles like this to help you with some storage ideas.


My week thus far has been absolutely insane. My daughter will no longer take naps. She avoids sleeping by telling me she has cramps. This place is a mad house. To top it all off, the commute to and from work has been RIDICULOUS this week. Is this National Crash Into The Embankment Week or what?

And yes, I said cramps. This 3 year old says she has cramps. I will tell you about it later.

My house is semi-clean (only minimal food on floors, mud on walls etc). Dinner this week has consisted of taquitos on Sunday, chips on Monday, and Jack in the Box on Tuesday. I have no clue what my daughter was fed. I don't even want to know.

I will be up for air on Thursday. Please pray for me! This is my official S.O.S