Monday, August 13, 2012

It's been a long time....I shouldn't have left you

Without a dope beat to step to... that song was awesome!

Anyhow, once again I have been a bad blogger. So much has happened and I have failed to document it. Hmmm where do I begin???? Welp, for starters, the kid turned five and I threw a glorious Princess themed carnival to celebrate the occasion. So I guess I can tell you about that.

So it all started with me wanting to have a carnival party for her birthday and she wanting a Princess party. Clearly, this Nike and jeans mom is no girly girl so I was instantly repulsed by the girls obsession with all things pink, frilly, and made of sugar and spice. UGH. Anyhow, we compromised. And it was awesome.

Outside, I created 5 fairy tale themed carnival games. I then "hired" (read: convinced friends to volunteer) princesses to wo-man all the game booths.

My Royal Party Crew plus a few guests

  • Princess Tiana manned a frog themed Plinko Game. 
  • Snow White observed as guests used plastic apples to knock over coffee cans with the Wicked Stepmom's picture on them.
  • Princess Ariel AKA The Little Mermaid stood nearby as guests played an octopus ring toss. 
  • Shadow Man conned the guests into a game of roll the dice
  • Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame officiated a Princess themed bean bag toss game. 

Ariel fashioned by Muah

And then I decorated with pastel colored flags. The guests won tickets for playing  games then traded them at the Pocahontas prize table which was filled with baubles and candies.

I have really great friends. They all volunteered their Saturday to come do this for me. Thanks guys!

I also purchased a Princess back drop for pictures.

Tiana cake. Isn't she purty? 

Inside, The tables where decorated with balloon centerpieces and different color table cloths. There was a chocolate fountain with strawberries and pretzel sticks. The Princess Tiana cake topped a cupcake stand and was surrounded by home made cupcakes in polka dot cupcake holders. The Tiana cake was only for looks since the girl can't have corn. The cupcakes were corn syrup/corn starch free.

The prettiest princess of all was the girl. Here she is all glammed up, complete with faux earrings, for her party:

All in all the party was effin awesome in my unbiased opinion. What do you think?