Friday, February 25, 2011

Katy's Mom is so Fat...

And yes, by Katy's mom, I mean me.

So, in my efforts to attempt being a responsible adult, I applied for life insurance. The thought was that if anything ever happens to me or the Husband, the kid would be financially taken care of (for a while at least). So, we jumped through the usual hoops (physical, blood test, paying money) and left it at that.

Then BAM!!!! DENIAL. In the mail yesterday I received a letter telling me after long consideration, I was denied because of my stature. To me the letter looked like this:

So, what does that mean you may ask. It means I am too fat for life insurance. It means I am at high risk of dying before I pay off a policy so I am not a good gamble for the company. And I think that sucks. My physical came back fine. I am overall and apparently surprising healthy for my "stature" which is short and fat in case you were wondering. Yes I am over weight, but I have never fit into the dang height weight chart.

 And I think it sucks that I can't insure my spouse because I am fat. Confusion.

I want to blame this on pregnancy, I really really do. But the truth is I gained this weight after I had the kid. So maybe mommyhood did it. Or better yet...

TV! Yeah that's right! I blame TV. It is the root of all evil. OK maybe not. But it made me happy when I typed it.

So I have said all of this to say that maybe I need to lose a pound or 80 so I can be around for my kid as she grows up. It is either lose weight or get taller. I am accepting tips for both. Help a sistah out!


  1. Team Krissy, Katy is worth you losing weight.

  2. I figure as much. And we all know I am all for self preservation. I've been losing a consistent 1 lb a week, but in the grand scheme of things it would take me 12 years to get to my appropriate weight with this routine.

  3. I rarely read blogs ... this is maybe my third time to date. a friend got mad at me because whenever she asked if I had read her blog ... i would say no. Her blogs were irritatingly long and intro-retrospective and NEVER just got to the point. However, Katy's Mom, you may just have a subscriber in me! Not to say I'm into self-deprecating Krissy but I know your flavor and look forward to other posts! Quan

  4. Uh oh! By no means did I mean to come across as self depreciating, I simply state the facts- I need to lose a few pounds to make sure I am around for the long run. Becoming a parent kind of makes you start to think about things like that.