Friday, February 4, 2011

Kids Getting High Using 'Bath Salts'

That was the headline Washington Post. My immediate reaction: What the F*&k (excuse my language, but that is really what I thought)

Teens are getting high on bath salts…c’mon really? Ok so I had to read a little further.
Apparently, there is some new designer drug called mephedrone, which is  a synthetic drug often touted as a legal alternative to amphetamine or cocaine. Currently it is legal in the US because is it not marketed as something for human consumption. The problem- as with all these “non drug” drugs- is that the kids consume them, and then turn crazy.

So of course we will ban them in time. But in the meanwhile, I had to warn you teens, parents of teens, teens parents, and people in general who are trying to save the world one kid at a time.If your kid gets a package in the mail of bath salts... throw it away! Make them take a bubble bath with regular dish soap.

As for me, my kid won’t be going anywhere until I rid the world of harm. FYI- anywhere includes school, church, work (maybe I should rethink work- she owes me money), etc.

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