Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Husband is pretty awesome

Yeah, pretty much. He is.

So today, in my usual fashion, I woke up late for work. So, in order to get to LA in a timely manner, I had to skip a shower, skip breakfast, and not pack my lunch. On the way out of the house I grumbled something like "Dammit I did not get to pack a lunch." My hubby tried quickly to fix a sandwich but I refused it. Why? Cuz sometimes I can be difficult ( yea I know, hard to believe).

Now I am driving and my tummy is growling because it wanted oatmeal for breakfast.

 Todd calls and asks where I am. I reply "On the freeway" I lied. He knew. He then informs me that he is in high speed pursuit of me so I pull over. A few moments later he pulls up behind me and emerges from the car in a tank top and pajama pants! Awesomely hilarious if I may say so myself. I snapped a pic, but of course, today of all days, my stupid phone won't upload photos :(

Side-note: the sandwich was a double decker. Our, as I called it, a Big Mac Turkey sandwich. He did not do it on purpose; he was in a hurry and thought he'd actually made 2 sandwiches. 

Anyhow, I ate the sandwich during my 2 hour commute this morning. Now whats for lunch?
And if you have any awesome spouse stories, feel free to leave them in the comments.