Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday & the Weekend Wrap-up

Well, it's Sunday. This means it is time to prepare for the ensuing week. I wasted most of my day napping. I was tired, I had a late night. The Hubby and I actually went out! We had a blast. The kid stayed with her Grandmother. We went out with friends to a really cool bowling alley/ lounge in Pasadena called 300. It was pretty pricey, but if you go to their site and give them your email, you'll get a $20 off coupon. Six of us bowled one game and played pool for an hour for $75 total. <-- totally NOT an advertisement, just want to spread the news. Spending time with my husband and with our friends was really nice and LOOOONG overdue. For the record, the wives won! Here are some pics of the night:

Want to know a secret? Did you notice the tears in my jeans? Funny story, my jeans ripped in the inner thigh. I like to attribute this to closet shrinkage. For some reason, my clothes shrink in the closet. Weird lol. Anyhow, to make it work, I got a knife and cut the other pant leg so it would have an "I totally ripped these pants on purpose" look. Was the mission accomplished? I think so.

Ok, back to the topic: Preparing for the week. I have to pack a lunch for me, pick out my clothes for work, clean something in my house, and take out something for tomorrow's meal. Oh, and the clean laundry is in a pile in my room about 2 feet high, perhaps I should try to do something about that- sounds like another day's mission. I'm still sleepy!

How was your weekend?

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