Saturday, November 13, 2010

My very first post

I have contemplated creating a blog for quite some time. My biggest question was deciding on a topic. I mean what am I qualified to write about? Who am I? Well it hit me I am a time travelling super hero:, I work full time, I mom full time, and I manage to remain sane. The last statement may be more wishful thinking than actual fact, but hey, one can dream.
Today was a crazy day as usual. It is Saturday, which means my daughter had soccer. Last week I had the great idea to throw a party for the team, since today was their last game. So of course, today, I overslept. Because I am a professional time traveler, I was able to get to the grocery store and pick up cupcakes and still make it to the game on time. The game went well. She played goalie and blocked a goal; we cheered like she had won the world cup. She got a trophy. The kids ate cupcakes. Good times.

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