Friday, March 9, 2012

So....I turned 30

Short version: I turned 30 last month and caught a cold the day after. I celebrated by throwing a huge elaborate shin dig last week. The week of my party, my grandfather, who I affectionately nicknamed Pepa (pronounced Pe-paw) died. The morning after the party I boarded a plane to Alabama for the funeral. I vomited the entire way there and back (Sorry folks- no babies here, just good ole' motion sickness). I still have a cold. The end.

Long Version: I turned 30 on February 2. I caught a cold on  February 9...I still have a cough and my dumb a** doctor simply says "It's going around". What does that even mean? I have been completely stressed out for the past 45 days. In addition to planning a party bigger than both my wedding and my 5 year vow renewal, my grandfather suffered from a stroke and a heart attack in January and passed away from complications 4 days before my party. This was a big blow for me and my family.  My mom is Pepa's only daughter and they were close.  Pepa was an awesome man. I can't even get into how effing awesome he was. So I won't even try. Just let me say this: Out of his 9 grandchildren he only knew my of course he loved me the most. For real.

Anyhoo, immediately following my 30th birthday extravaganza, I boarded a flight to Alabama with no luggage. That's right, no luggage. Once I arrived in Mississippi, I went to Walmart (don't judge me) and bought a black dress and a black and white cardigan and made it work! The funeral was the following day. Let's fast forward past all that (too sad) until the end when they closed the casket and my kid yells...HEY WAIT I NEED TO SEE MY GREAT GRANDPA! Oh wait, let me not skip the fact that she had tissues stuffed in her "bra" in case she cried (her quote not mine). No, she does not wear a bra, she just tucked tissues down the front of her dress. She never cried. I used all her tissues.

The next two days were filled with food, family, and good times. I even found out my sweet little innocent baby cousin (who cares that she is 19 now) says bad words. Who knew... I thought I was the cusser in the family! Ok, I am. BUT she is coming along nicely :)

All in All, I had a great time visiting family. It's a great feeling to be able to introduce my daughter to great grandparents and show her where her great great grandparents lived, worked, attended school , and went to church. It helps me instill a since of heritage and pride in her.

If you ever have the opportunity to take your child to the birthplace of your parents and/or grandparents, do it. This was not Katy's first trip there and it will not be here last.

My Pepa's house

Me and my younger cousin
My "twin cousin" and I
She says Bad Words!


  1. I was like omg who is that girl???? She looks just like her! Then I read "twin cousin" .....that explains it

  2. She is my Uncle's daughter. As an infant her baby pictures looked just like mine. As she gets older, she still looks like me. When she turns 17 I am going to steal her.