Monday, March 14, 2011

According to THEM...working Moms Suck

I once read an article about how Stay-at-home-moms produce smarter children. I also recently read an article that working moms produce fatter unhealthier kids. Every-time I turn around I am reading about the benefits of being able to stay at home with your kids. I have nothing against mothers who stay home with their children. I know it is a tough job, but I do not agree that staying at home will produce superior children.

And yes, I am biased.
I work and my kid is awesome.
My mom worked and I am a super genius.
Her mom worked and she is amazing.

Working Moms deserve more credit. By day we run offices, answer to bosses, deal with irate humans. By night we cook, we clean, we wife, we mother. That mess is difficult...almost insane! I do all of this only to open up my laptop and see about 3 articles each day about how my decision to work is going to ruin my kids life, health, and emotional well being..

My response:

Tell it to someone who is listening.

For the record, I love working full time and parenting full time. I wouldn't choose to do anything different.

Your resident working mom who LOVES working and being a mom at the same time


  1. You do not clean, but I agree and suspect these articles are written by stay-at-home moms, after all they have the time.

  2. I sure don't. I am too busy doing the important stuff...

  3. How come my comment didn't post? Did you delete it? You KNOW people take deleting offensive...