Thursday, March 24, 2011

Never too late to breast feed!

As many of you mommies are aware, breast milk is THE absolute best thing you can ever give your kid. If you don't believe me, as the lady who bombarded my hospital room after I had my daughter. I made the mistake of arguing with her- she grabbed my boob (while I had visitors) and made me do a live demo. True story.

Anyways, you haven't missed your chance.

Thanks to some "great" ice creamologists (is that even a word) in London, we can now give our kids who missed out on breast milk via breast milk ice cream! It's true. Click the link and read all about it.

Also, for you  mommies looking to earn a few extra bucks, the shoppe is looking for more breast milk donations...and they pay!

Ok, I don't know if it really has any health benefits. And there is no way for me to find out, because I am too grossed out to even consider trying it. But, the article does note that you can order it with a shot of whiskey. Boobcream float anyone?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quick and funny period story

My friend's daughter recently started her period (sorry guys- you probably didn't want to read that). Usually they start off irregular, so she did not have one the next month. So she asked her mom (my friend) if that meant she was going to die.

Super funny.

Since my friend is a good mom, she answered honestly and explained how the cycle takes a while to regulate.

I'm thinking that when my time comes I may tell my kid that missed period = death


Have a good day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

According to THEM...working Moms Suck

I once read an article about how Stay-at-home-moms produce smarter children. I also recently read an article that working moms produce fatter unhealthier kids. Every-time I turn around I am reading about the benefits of being able to stay at home with your kids. I have nothing against mothers who stay home with their children. I know it is a tough job, but I do not agree that staying at home will produce superior children.

And yes, I am biased.
I work and my kid is awesome.
My mom worked and I am a super genius.
Her mom worked and she is amazing.

Working Moms deserve more credit. By day we run offices, answer to bosses, deal with irate humans. By night we cook, we clean, we wife, we mother. That mess is difficult...almost insane! I do all of this only to open up my laptop and see about 3 articles each day about how my decision to work is going to ruin my kids life, health, and emotional well being..

My response:

Tell it to someone who is listening.

For the record, I love working full time and parenting full time. I wouldn't choose to do anything different.

Your resident working mom who LOVES working and being a mom at the same time

Friday, March 4, 2011

Why are these kid's movies so sad

I was at lunch with a few coworkers this week and the topic of kid movies came up. Since I am the only one with a kid, it is safe to assume I started the conversation. What prompted the discussion was the movie Up . If any of you have watched it, maybe you understand why it made my list of depressing kids movies that are sad for no reason.

Long story short: two kids grow up and fall in love. As a married couple, they find out they can't have children, life's struggles prevent them from taking a dream vacation that they've dreamed about since childhood, the wife falls sick and dies, the widowed husband lives alone and their home was going to fall victim to imminent domain. So, to avoid this he tied balloons to the house and floated to the place he and he wife had planned to vacation. Then...the adventure begins.  So, all in all the story was not bad- BUT WAS ALL THE DEPRESSION NECESSARY? I would like to vote no.

Sure, all the sad stuff happened in a sequence of images and no sound so it went over the kid's head....but I was crying, or sobbing depending on who tells the story.

Is it necessary to add a series of very adult situations to capture the attention of parents in order for us to enjoy the film? Is it? I think I could appreciate just a regular old kids movie minus the death of a loved one or parent. That ish is traumatic.

Maybe I need to stick to Care Bears and My Little those were movies!

What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy the adult portions of kids movies? Do they make you more apt to purchase movie tickets? Let me know!!