Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Notorious MOM

So I like rap. Not radio edit watered down rap, but hard core gangsta rap -west coast preferred.
I saw a buzzfeed list the other week that basically mirrored my struggle as a mom who loves the good stuff. I mean is it realllly that bad to roll through the drop off line bumping a little Pac or Dogg Pound?

See. I didn't think so either.

But I find myself turning the radio down when I pull in the parking lot. Even thought I really want to turn it way up. Maybe cuz I'm a thug..<--- a="" bad="" catch="" daddy="" did="" for="" it="" line.="" nbsp="" no.="" p="" s="" that="" too="" trick="" you.="" you="">
Via my personal facebook page, I realize that most of my friends who are moms share the similar dilemma. We are mere products of  early nineties rap music. And we love it!

And our kids will love it.

And when we have grandchildren, we will play 2Pac, Biggie, Snoop, Nas, Kendrick or JCole and say things like "See baby, THIS is when music was music.

And they will roll their eyes at us.

And will know we are telling the truth.

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