Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Notorious MOM

So I like rap. Not radio edit watered down rap, but hard core gangsta rap -west coast preferred.
I saw a buzzfeed list the other week that basically mirrored my struggle as a mom who loves the good stuff. I mean is it realllly that bad to roll through the drop off line bumping a little Pac or Dogg Pound?

See. I didn't think so either.

But I find myself turning the radio down when I pull in the parking lot. Even thought I really want to turn it way up. Maybe cuz I'm a thug..<--- a="" bad="" catch="" daddy="" did="" for="" it="" line.="" nbsp="" no.="" p="" s="" that="" too="" trick="" you.="" you="">
Via my personal facebook page, I realize that most of my friends who are moms share the similar dilemma. We are mere products of  early nineties rap music. And we love it!

And our kids will love it.

And when we have grandchildren, we will play 2Pac, Biggie, Snoop, Nas, Kendrick or JCole and say things like "See baby, THIS is when music was music.

And they will roll their eyes at us.

And will know we are telling the truth.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hey, I'm back!

Hey, I know.
I'm a repeat blog neglecter. The last time I was on here, I had just celebrated my 30th birthday, buried my grandfather, and left my corporate gig.

2 days after that I started my own business.

3 years later, after some cool wins, a lot of great times and good stories later I logged back into this account.

In that time, the kid has grown up- my baby girl has begun to morph into this pre-tween thingy who listens to pop music, always has to have the last word, rolls her eyes, and likes to make sure her clothes are just right for school. Speaking of school, I joined PTA. And per usual, I did not just join, I became the president. Tons of stories there. Names will be changed to protect the annoying.

Oh and speaking of growing up- last week the kid lost a molar. A FREAKING MOLAR! In addition to this being totally disgusting, it was the first tooth that I've had to pull Yes, you heard me right...I have managed to not pull any teeth in 8 whole years until last week- and boy was it a doozie! I had to tug at it ARGHHHH!

Did I mention I pulled it with my bare hands caveman style? No? Oh yea, I did. Because I'm a boss!

Anyhow, I will start to write again. My life's adventures coming soon.

Until then,

Katy's Mom