Sunday, January 23, 2011

Win $35 to buy what you want (my first contest oh yeah!)- contest closed

This Contest is closed. Thanks for playing!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

That's right, you heard it here first , I (Katy's Mom) have been contacted by a really cool company and asked to either review a product or host a contest. Of course I chose a contest because I want to see if anyone actually reads the awesomeness that I call my blog. No, seriously, I appreciate that you guys take the time out of your busy schedule to read about my parenting misadventures. So here's to you! The giveaway is being provided by CSN Stores, which sales a lot of cool things including TV Stands and video console stands.  

You can thank me now if you'd like.
Oh, you want to the details eh?

So I plan to randomly select the winner by placing email addresses in a hat and having Katy pull one out. How will I get your email address...good question. 

The rules:

1.Become a follower of this blog. You can do so by clicking one of the links on the right hand side of the page. You can follow with Google connect or NetworkedBlogs.

2. Become a fan on Facebook. Yes, we are on Facebook- find us at I Am Katy's Mom. The link is also on the right of the page. You have to leave a comment on the page so I know you did it.

3. Tell your friends about the giveaway. Share this blog on Facebook and tag the page in the post. 


Leave a comment under your favorite entry letting me know why you liked it and you'll get your name in the hat one more time (limit one extra entry). To leave a comment, you have to select a profile. You can either select anonymous and leaving your name in the comment or selecting name/url and typing in your name.

Do all three and your name goes in the hat. 

The contest will end on Friday, January 28, 2011. I will post the winner next Sunday, January 30, 2011.

I wish you all the best of luck. Hopefully you will hear from me next week!

Until then, look at the cool stuff I found on the site.

Can you tell there is a video game system in my home?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Parenthood, it's not a job. It's an adventure! -unknown

I think that quote sums up my life right now. I have no idea who Mrs. Unknown is, but she must be a pretty smart dudette. I used to think I was pretty smart...until my daughter learned how to talk.

Toddlers ask the most insanely intriguing questions and create the most logically illogical inventions. Well at least my toddler does. 

For example, during bath time my daughter began to complain about hating baths (normal I guess??). So I (being the usual over-explain-every-damn-thing mom that I am) began to explain to her that she would stink if she didn't bathe. Then, my daughter had a great idea....Pee Pee tic tacs. 

Gross, I know.
Don't judge me.
I blame TV.

Anyhow, she went on to explain how tic tacs freshen breath, so if you used them for you pee pee then it too would stay fresh.  I told her is was an awful idea. 

I also hid all of the breath mints in the house.

Monday, January 10, 2011

To truth or not to truth

So in my efforts to be a perfect parent, I sometimes(always) tell my child the explicit truth. For example, if I am having a drink and she asks for some I tell her no. When she asks why, I tell her "because it is liquor and kids don't drink liquor". I don't do the whole "This is grown up juice" deal. I hated that euphemism as a child and I still hate it now. I mean really, what the hell is grown up juice? Juice is juice and juice is not liquor. To me the whole "grown up juice" concept increases curiosity.

Now, I have learned in my short parenting career of 3 years that this whole honesty thing backfires quite often.

My daughter is not allowed to drink soda. So when we go out to eat, I order a soda and she gets juice. Usually she will ask for some of my soda and I say no. Sometimes, she says ok and the conversation is over. But other times, usually when there are 50 million people around, she will yell "Why Mom is it liquor" (insert sound of record scratching and music halting here).

Me: No it isn't. It's soda
Her: Oh, Because I thought it was liquor.
Me: Ok well you were wrong, so stop saying that.

I mean, really? She acts like I am a freaking alcoholic or something.

Am I doing something wrong. Am I supposed to lie to her and tell her it is delicious juice for adults only and nah nah nahnah she can't have any? If you think so, let me know.

Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring....wait wrong house. Holidays in my home are always anything but quiet. I guess that would be expected. Everything that happens in my home is insanely hilarious. This Christmas Eve was no exception.

Christmas in our family has always begun on Christmas Eve. Growing up, my mom always let my 2 younger brothers and I open up 1 gift on Christmas eve before we went to bed. It was sort like a Christmas appetizer. So this year, we continued to continue the tradition, but not without a few glitches.

First of all, I was out shopping until 8pm. So I was already tired and grumpy. Then, to add to the stress of Christmas Eve shopping, my brother kept calling me to make sure I got to my house before he did because he had a surprise for the kid. So he KEPT calling to get my whereabouts...

So finally, Target did us a favor and closed! We had nowhere to go but home, or so I thought. As we were driving home, my dear hubby decided that we should go look at how the neighboring communities decorated their homes for the holiday season. I didn't want to go. He and the kid did. 2-1 I lost. No going home for me.

So for the next half hour, I drove around and admired lights with the family. It was worth it. Everyone enjoyed it.
Then, we were able to go home. (insert big happy face here)
Then, my brother arrived. This was the surprise: Okay there should a pic of my bro dressed as Santa, but my camera is lost. Bah humbug!

Of course, my daughter explained to us that this was in fact NOT Santa Claus, but Uncle AJ dressed up like Santa. Because Santa is white.

What 3 year old says that?
I blame TV.

Personally, I believe Santa should be depicted in several ethnicities to confuse the heck out of kids. This way, anybody could dress up as Santa and kids all over the world would be convinced. But hey, I guess that's another blog entry.

Anyhow, as we waited for midnight to arrive, we laughed, we drank , and we played games. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that my brother, at 27 years old, had a random temper tantrum and decided to leave and go to the movies. This of course made me mad. So, we went and woke up our mom with the argument. Hey- she is still our mom no matter how old we get. So if we are fighting, she has to mediate (or pass out some face smacks-whatever works). So the dispute was settled and we were back to playing Fundex Games Phase 10 Card Game, which is an amazing family game if I may say so myself. The game was between the men in the family and I. Of course I won. Girls are always smarter than boys.

At 11:30pm we gave in ans opened our one gift. The kid was crying because she was tired.All was well.  Then, we went to bed.

I hope your Christmas Eve was amazing. I can't wait to hear about it!