Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kids and Maxi Pads

What is it with kids and their interest in all things gross. I mean, they love mud, boogers, and freaking maxi pads.

I remember when I was younger and I too was intrigued by them. Now I wish I never had to see one again.
If you have a moment (and you do because you are reading this) go to Google Image and type kids and maxi pads or kids and tampons. You will see stuff like this:
So anyway, a few days ago a very brightly colored box was delivered to my home. It looked like it could have been something for a child. But since I know how to read I saw that it was a free sample from Tampax ( I so love free samples!) .My daughter insisted it was for her because it was pink and yellow with decorated very nicely. So she opened it.

She looked at the tampax variety pack sample for a moment and exclaimed, "YES, PADS!"

WTF? Confusion.


  1. This is hilarious!!! I know exactly what you mean - my boys (7 and 2) have an odd facination with my tampons and pads (Mommy, what is that?? Can I have one??). What's that about? Thanks for sharing!!

  2. No problem! Thanks for reading. I am glad to know that the insanity that I call parenting isn't something I do alone!

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