Monday, January 10, 2011

To truth or not to truth

So in my efforts to be a perfect parent, I sometimes(always) tell my child the explicit truth. For example, if I am having a drink and she asks for some I tell her no. When she asks why, I tell her "because it is liquor and kids don't drink liquor". I don't do the whole "This is grown up juice" deal. I hated that euphemism as a child and I still hate it now. I mean really, what the hell is grown up juice? Juice is juice and juice is not liquor. To me the whole "grown up juice" concept increases curiosity.

Now, I have learned in my short parenting career of 3 years that this whole honesty thing backfires quite often.

My daughter is not allowed to drink soda. So when we go out to eat, I order a soda and she gets juice. Usually she will ask for some of my soda and I say no. Sometimes, she says ok and the conversation is over. But other times, usually when there are 50 million people around, she will yell "Why Mom is it liquor" (insert sound of record scratching and music halting here).

Me: No it isn't. It's soda
Her: Oh, Because I thought it was liquor.
Me: Ok well you were wrong, so stop saying that.

I mean, really? She acts like I am a freaking alcoholic or something.

Am I doing something wrong. Am I supposed to lie to her and tell her it is delicious juice for adults only and nah nah nahnah she can't have any? If you think so, let me know.

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