Monday, November 15, 2010

Mommy friends are difficult to make

Is it just me, or was making new friends way easier in elementary school? Why is it so difficult to make new friends? I can clearly recall the days of "Hey I like your New Kids lunch box, wanna be friends?" and that was it- instant besties. Boy, those were the days. Now don't get me wrong. I have a solid group of friends and I love them dearly, but I need to make some Mommy friends, you know, friends who have children the same age as yours and live nearby, friends who understand that you may cancel a date at the drop of a dime due to sitter issues, you know, those friends.

Mommy friends are difficult to make.

This weekend at the kid's soccer game I met a mommy. She has a son the same age as the kid. We talked briefly and realized that we had a few things in common: 1) Our kids liked each other 2) We both work in downtown and have a long commute 3) we both want to lose weight. So, we exchanged numbers. Sounds good right? WRONG.

Timing is everything.

Today, 2 days later, I text my new mommy friend "Hey, maybe this is weird but if you want to we can drive home together. I get off at 5:30 and would love the company." I sent it and waited...and waited...and waited. Now, panic started to set in Was I too forward? Was the text weird? Was it really stalker-esque? and then, she replied. She had gotten off work already but said we needed to schedule a play date for the kids. RELIEF! I had not frightened my future best-mommy friend away. Yay!

So what do you think? Are mommy friends hard to make for you? Have you had any awkward friend making moments?


  1. This is soo true...when i first moved to mo val i was staying home with my babies and going nuts! All my friends were either single or didnt have kids, and all they wanted to do was party, well with 2 kiddos that aint the type of thing i was looking for. So right before i had completely lost my mind, someone told me about Man I was soooo excited wen I found a moms meetup in my area. I met some cool peeps and the kids were able to meet friends too..i gotta say mno (moms night out) was my favorite! Check out think u will like it!

  2. Hey Cousin, I actually did become a member of meetup and attended a few events. I met one lady with a daughter and we meet often so the girls can play. Thanks for reading.