Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scared Skinny

I want to start this off by stating that this is not a dieting blog. I repeat
This is NOT a dieting blog. I needed to say that. I can't consistently write about my challenges with weight loss, mainly because I never really am that concerned about seriously losing weight.
That has all changed.
My best friend has just been diagnosed with diabetes. By just, I mean like yesterday,literally. My bestie is the same age as me, approximately the same height (she is about 2 inches taller), and approximately the same weight/build. Actually, I weigh about 30lbs  more than she. I say all of that to say that it could have very well been me instead of her. As I sit here tonight typing this, she is in the hospital with uncontrolled blood sugar. So, as the title indicates, I am have been scared skinny. Yes folks you heard it here first: I am going to take an active interest in my health and weight loss.

Back to the usual antics-As I sit here, trying to have a serious moment, my 3yr old beautiful angelic loving princess of a daughter is screaming in my left ear, "Watch this mom!!!" as she blows up a balloon and releases the air/spit in my face. Todd, the husband who was awesome yesterday ( yes YESTERDAY) is talking to me and getting annoyed that I am typing while he is talking. He has now proclaimed he will never read my blog again because I am not paying attention to him.

Question: How the hell am I supposed to be able to listen to him, the kid, wipe kid spit off of me, and type at the same time?
Answer: Super powers. All moms have them. Put them to use.

OK, the hubby is happy now. I had to remove my hands from the keyboard and give him my undivided attention. And by undivided, I totally mean with the kid still screaming and releasing spit in my face.
Jas (left) and I in Las Vegas this year

Jas (left) and I in high school
                                                              Get better Jas. I love you.


  1. awwwww, krissy!
    she will get beter....if my aunts have anything to do with it. the only thing we can do now is pray for her to get better and get her glucose and ketone levels within normal ranges, and we all can work on dropping the excess weight together.
    jazz is lucky to have a bestie like you!!!

  2. It will be a challenge for the both of you but definitely doable!! hows it going for you? btw Love the blond braids :)

  3. Hey Morgan! It is going well. I have lost like 14 lbs. I don't know from where though...maybe elbows!