Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do you know what today is?

It's our anniversary! Hopefully you know the song, if not youtube it- "Anniversary" by Tony Toni Tone. As usual, my day was jam packed with activity. Today, is my wedding anniversary. Most people spend this day with their spouses doing things like kissing and hugging and crying or something. I don't know. But me, I spent my day working.  Seriously. I freaking scheduled myself to work and did not even realize it was my anniversary until yesterday. If it wasn't for my coworkers (who shall remain nameless- not because they want to remain anonymous, but because they are on punishment), today probably would have sucked.
But still, all was not lost.
After work, the dude and I enjoyed our dinner and went out. Oh yeah, we slow danced in the living room. It was an impromptu slow dance. My mom saw us and burst out in tears. I'm like dang, is it that bad?!? Anyhow, our plan was to go see a grown up movie since we had a sitter (sitter = my mom, who is still crying lol ). But again, because my life is seemingly Lemony Snicketesque, we left the home without movie tickets. So guess what, no movie for us! Great, now on to plan c, driving around our town trying to figure out what to do. Result- we went to a pool hall. After about 2 hours of pool, trick shot practice, and a swollen finger. I quit.
Don't judge me, I never said I was good at the crap.
Here is the truth. Perhaps the ONLY thing in the world that I don't rank in the 98th percentile in is pool. I love shooting pool, but I think the injuries that I sustained today were uncalled for. I think the game of pool is out to get me. But for now, my story is about the insanity of today, not the vicious blood sport of shooting pool. Anyhow, during our outing, the husband had a few drinks. And by few, I mean 3 tiny very "pretty" drinks. And by pretty I mean weak and with cherries and umbrellas and stuff. After said "pretty" drinks, he made a lot of promises which may or may not have included well, this blog is g rated so I guess I will leave all that out. He also  made me sign a declaration that I would not fall asleep tonight or get a headache. I signed it with my own blood. Don't worry, I was already bleeding....freak accident that involved me, the stick and the cue ball.

As of now, my dear sweet awesome hubby is on the couch SLEEP. Yeah that's right. He made me promise to stay awake and HE went to sleep.

Happy anniversary to me. Too bad I wasted my blood signing that damned contract.


  1. wow! you're just too funny Kristin.
    I hope you got a kiss out of the night, at least.

  2. Ah man!!! Welcome to married life baby!!! Happy Anniversary my Zombie Apocolypse-ready friend!!!

  3. Aww Todd what happened? Glad you guys had a wonderful day.