Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh Thanksgiving, you thought you had me defeated didn't you?

Well, I had the task of preparing a few dishes for my family's Thanksgiving feast. Because of all of the other errands I had on Wednesday, my cooking did not begin until after 11pm on Thanksgiving Eve. Here is my first Facebook post of the night:

So far Thanksgiving v. Krissy is 2-1 Thanksgiving. My sweet potato casserole is now mashed sweet potatoes and my macaroni & cheese made its way to the garbage. My 1 point came from the fact that the black eyed peas made it safely into the crock pot
Yesterday at 11:27pm
So, as you can see, I was not fairing very well. See, I had found this very delicious sounding recipe for an apple sweet potato casserole. But I discovered, upon preparing to cook it that my pound of apples had turned into 1 apple with a 3 year old bite out of it...there went the casserole. The macaroni, well the poor macaroni was overcooked and formed into one big ball o noodle mush. Sad.
My next feat was a pumpkin spice cake. All seemed well, recipe went fine and it made it in and out of the oven. The problem occurred while trying to get it out the pan. My poor cake came out of a bundt pan in 3 pieces. No worries, I glued that sucka back together with homemade cream cheese icing. YUM!
Then to bed I went.
Only to wake up and realize that the mac and cheese I made during the night was gross!
Enter facebook post #2:
Haha Macaroni and cheese, you thought you beat me last night huh? NEVER that's why I remixed you and now you are as tasty as ever. Thanksgiving v Krissy 2-2 TIED! Lets see how my green beans turn out...thanksgiving 2k10 let's get it
So, with a little help from my mom a few secret ingredients, I made the most awesomest mac and cheese to date. Basically, the mac and cheese that I had previously made was a little bland and hard. So, I crumbled it back up and poured a secret concoction on top of it and put it back into the oven. Hey, so what if my mac and cheese is a 2 day recipe. You can't rush perfection, right?
The green beans made it in and out the crock pot without incident. They beany I guess.
To sum it all up, Thanksgiving was great. Cooking was a chore and I am glad it's over. I'm having tacos for Christmas! How about you?
Anyone else have kitchen adventures? How did everything turn out?

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