Sunday, July 31, 2011

She's growing up!

This past weekend I realized that my sweet dear baby has not one, but TWO loose teeth! What the eff!
I noticed that her bottom tooth appeared irritated or something so I touched her tooth and it moved. So I tried the other and it moved too! Katy was so happy. She ran around the house yelling "I've been waiting my whole life for this!"

Your whole life Katy? Really? (Does anyone see the drama I have to deal with around here lol)

I ran the the bathroom and cried a little (not a lot, just like 2 tears only for real) and quickly composed myself because the husband was making fun of me and telling me to man up. But in my defense, those friggin' teeth caught me off guard. I was not expecting my girl to have loose teeth at 4. She is too young...she JUST grew those teeth!

Anyhow, I took her to the dentist and they took an x-ray. Amazingly, her adult teeth are in place and ready to sprout! My baby is growing up right before my eyes! Those teeth will fall out before the end of the week I am sure. Until then, I better hurry and go take family photos!

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