Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cindy Anthony: The story of a mother's love?

As some of you may know, I am a wannabe attorney. So, I often follow court cases. Recently I have been enthralled in the Casey Anthony case. The verdict, as most of the nation knows, was returned as Not Guilty which stunned, shocked, and enraged everyone on Planet Earth. Well almost everyone. I was not surprised at all. The burden of proof was on the prosecution not the defense, and no matter how much we may feel like Casey was guilty, the proof was not in the pudding. But I've digressed. This entry actually has nothing to do with my opinion about the case. It is about Cindy, Casey Anthony's mom, and her unconditional love.

You see, Cindy Anthony was the person who alerted the authorities of her granddaughter's disappearance. She was the one who suspected foul play. And in the end, she was the one who guaranteed her daughter's freedom with her testimony. Cindy Anthony ,at some point, lied during her testimony. What changed her mind? Did she decide not lose both her daughter and her granddaughter?

Cindy lied under oath. She said she searched for Chloroform on the internet. However she was signed in at work at the time making it impossible to do the search on her home computer. This testimony was enough to confuse the jury and make it impossible to prove premeditation (which is typically needed to find a person guilty of 1st degree murder) . Ultimately, only Cindy and Casey know the truth. The rest of us will probably never know (unless an OJ Simpson style "If I DID commit the crime This is How I would do it" book is released). What we do know, is that Cindy is very loyal to her child--no matter what.  She has publicly with one hand on the Bible proven the power of a mother's unconditional love for her child. I do not believe she is the only mother to do something like this, nor do I believe she will be the last.
What would you do to save your child from the gas chamber? If  your child was facing the death penalty, can you honestly say you wouldn't perjure yourself to save her life...

Rest in Peace Caylee

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