Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mommy Play with Meeee!

Working full time while mothering a 3 year old girl is absolutely insane. On an average day, I drive 2 hours to work, work for 9 hours, then drive 2 hours home. When I get home, all I want is about 32 seconds of quiet time.

HA! What a joke! There is no such thing in my home.

My little precious little baby toddler girl is very full of energy. Don't get me wrong, I love it. Actually, I prayed for it while I was pregnant. The worst thing I could imagine when I was pregnant was the thought of having a shy and timid child. My prayers were fully answered.

Thank you God.

My kid wants to play games 24/7. If running or yelling is not involved, she wants no parts of it. Even eating has to be some sort of contest. And let's not even talk about if she doesn't win. No, let's not.

 Back to the story-
After driving in beautiful L.A. traffic for at least 1.5 hours on any given day, I open the front door to a game of hide and seek. Somehow, I am always "it". This games usually lasts about 3 minutes before I get stumped and can't find her (Wow you were under the table AGAIN...I didn't even see you). She then jumps out and yell Boo! This of course has to frighten me.

Then I am able to put my purse down, kick off my shoes, and have a seat. That takes about 22 seconds. Then .... Mommy Play with meeeeee!

I love my girl, but thank goodness for nap time!

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