Saturday, June 4, 2011

Only children and their STUFF

A wise woman once said "For every child who has everything there is a parent who is broke."
Ok, I made that up.
But it's true and you know it!

My daughter is not only an only child, she is an only grandchild and only niece on my side, and an only granddaughter on my hubby's side. Needless to say she has tons of "stuff".

And if your child is an only (only child, only girl, only boy, only baby, etc), chances are your kid has too much stuff too.

For years ( yes- all three of them) I've tried to give away her belongings to friends, to the Salvation Army, to churches, or to anyone who would take them. It is more difficult to get rid of all this stuff than it seems. Recently I decided to take to the web to see what other overwhelmed mommies are doing with their kids' stuffs and stumbled across the most incredible thing in the world: Moms with side hustles.

Moms are selling their kids stuff online. Not on craigslist, but on Facebook! That's right Facebook. Facebook is filled with mommies who are making money off of their babies used clothing and accessories. And other mommies are actually buying it. Talk about a win-win situation.

I think this idea is great. So, I have decided to interview a mommy with a side hustle to see how this whole thing goes.

Is this something you have thought of trying? If so, leave a comment and tell me about it!

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