Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Being Tired

All moms are always tired all of the time.

That is fact, not an opinion. There are a few million blogs and articles devoted to time management and creating balance for working moms. I believe I have read every single one and based on my research I have arrived at this conclusion:

LIES! They are all liars! There is no real way to balance being some one's mom, wife, daughter, friend, and awesome employee. You can make all the lists and set all of the alarms you want, but at the end of the day, you will still have to come home from work, cook dinner, talk on the phone to a pal, and muster up enough energy to carry on small talk with your spouse while playing tag with your kid.

To me it seems that once you have a child, a good night's sleep disintegrates from 8-15 hours (college was great) to 4-6 hours. I also think it is quite rude that growing up means sleeping 6 hours and actually DOING stuff for the other 18 hours of the day. What happened to nap time? Down time? Chill time? Me time?

Me time?

Who is Me? What's my name again?

Oh, that's right...I am Katy's Mom.

I'm the chick in charge of a person's whole entire life. And in addition to taking care of my husband, I also have to raise a kid. Ha ha ha Get it?

As I sit here writing this, I am also watching Wonder Pets with my daughter. My eyes are burning and are probably bloodshot. I have not yet eaten, but I cooked an excellent meal.

Doesn't this look fun?

I have a friend, Kela, who has insomnia. I joke and say I have caught it from her as if it is contagious. She is a working mom too. Maybe it really is contagious....

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