Friday, December 3, 2010

Katy v Santa 2010

So far I have purchased 2 Christmas gifts for my daughter. Both were purchased on Black Friday and placed under the tree on Saturday. Yes, my tree is already up- don't judge me. Of course, Katy was surprised and excited about the gifts under the tree and asked how they got there. My mom explained to her that Santa had stopped by and dropped them off and would be back to drop off more.

Of course this initiated a million questions.

My daughter, though she was very pleased about the gifts, was very disturbed that Santa came in our home while we were asleep and did not knock on the door. She asked why didn't he knock, why didn't he wake her, how did he get in our home, etc.

I answered them all the best I could, which was difficult for me as I never expected her to believe in Santa. I never even wanted her to think someone else came in our home to bring gifts. Thanks Grandma :) I guess I could also thank Nick Jr since Santa seems to be all over that channel these days.

Anyhow, I wanted to do a little shopping and catch some sales on Saturday so we headed to the mall.

Guess who was there?

You got it. Santa.

Live and in the flesh. Mr. Claus was at the mall taking visits and posing for pictures with the kids, and Katy HAD to go talk to him. He never seen it coming!

As we waited in line, my 3 year old went over what she planned to say. She wanted to ask him why he came into our home and why he gave the gifts to Grandma to put under the tree.

So after waiting for about 15-20 minutes it was finally our turn. Katy walked up to Santa complete with hand on hip and said hello. He picked her up and she launched into her barrage of questions. Of course, since my baby is only 3, I had to work as a translator for her half -English / half-gibberish rant. Surprisingly, Santa went along with it and explained why he was in our house. He even asked her to tell him what else she wanted so that he could bring it by for Christmas. He then offered her a candy cane. Friends at last. They took a picture.

I am glad everything worked out. Last time she met Santa this happened:


  1. i literally LOL'D @ the 2nd picture. I see u frequent the same mall each year lol

  2. LMAO! this is AWESOME! I miss my katie! Ill see you all soon...promise!