Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Internet overexposure

How many of you post countless photos of your children online....Ok, I know I am not the only person who does it. I now question if I should. My first thought is: Why the hell not? But my immediate reaction gave way to an immediate reaction. Is my life too open?  Is facebook even real (ok, maybe I took it too far lol)

I know several young families who have opted no to post photos of their children saying "Hey if you want to meet the kid, come visit." I agree, this idea seems awesome, but what about family who does not live nearby? Facebook has changed my family perspective immensely. Family I have not known or seen in years now can see my child and call her name as if they have met, and I love that! But again I question, is this good?

As a society, have we allowed social media and the internet age to take over our lives and our parenting? Have we become internet addicts?

My personal facebook is saturated with photos of my child. As a parent, I think ever freaking picture she takes is gorgeous and everyone needs to see it. Perhaps that is not the case. Or maybe it is. Personal moments between she and I are shared in 200 character statuses with the world. My mommy friends think its awesome. My other friends don't comment.

Do you use social media to share photos and update family members (or the whole world as we know it)? Do you use it to get cyber support when facing tough parenting times? Do you update your status whenever your child does something sweet, funny, or menacing? Do you ever use it to help solve tough parenting issue like potty training or picky eaterness ( I know that isn't a word, but you know what I mean)? Do you weigh in with parenting advice for those who ask? (You know I do!). Let a sistah know!

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