Friday, December 10, 2010

I've been hit. And I am hurt.

I was just hit in the head with a flashlight. To be exact, I was hit in the head with a battery operated, clip-on book light. Oh and did it hurt!
You probably are reading this trying to figure out what happened. I guess I owe you the story. Ok, here it is:

It all started with Katy (my 3 yr old) jumping on the sofa chair. I told her to stop. She refused. So I told her, "Hey if you fall I will not take you to the ER tonight. I am too tired." She said, "that's fine. I don't like the hospital anyways Mommy."

Yes, she is a jerk.

Anyhow, she tried to jump our of the chair. Instead of catching her I pushed her back in the chair (in a totally loving caring non child abusing fashion). She then proclaimed that she was placing me under arrest.
Anyone who knows anything about me know I am not one to go to jail, pretend or not.

So I ran.

I ran down the hall  and into the kitchen, then around my husband, then doubled back to the bedroom, also known as the scene of the crime or the sight of where police brutality occurred, if you will. That's the where I was when I was hit in the head with a flashlight.

So the three of us were in the room. The husband decided he was her side- the side of the law. He tried to arrest me. There was a scuffle. I won. He left. Then there were two.

Her: Mom, there is nobody in here. Are you going to try to break my neck?

Me: Blank stare (kind of crazy looking. I was trying to scare her)

Her: Piercing scream. desk light thrown

Me: holding my head sitting in the closet. I'd been hit. I guess my stare worked.

Maybe I should have just gone to jail

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  1. that was HILARIOUS!!! poor krissy. Hey, katy didnt want her neck broke